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Connects refugees to Utrecht
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Will you join us?

Would you like to become a volunteer? Take part in our activities? Or get involved in any other way for refugees in Utrecht? Check out the possibilities, there is always something to do!


Check our agenda to see what activities we are organizing in the near future!

News & experiences

Cheerfulness instead of pain and stress Image

Cheerfulness instead of pain and stress

For the newsletter of Plan Einstein we interviewed Ashebir. A welcome guest at a lot of Welkom in Utrecht activities. For a long time he was not doing well, but since six months he is doing much better mentally and physically. This is partly due to his participation in various…

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“This is the best year of my life.” Image

“This is the best year of my life.”

We know Orrwa as one of the most active AZC residents around AZC Joseph Haydnlaan. Since he came to live in the AZC around this time last year, he has been going to almost all activities of Welkom in Utrecht. But as it turns out, he is not only active…

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Rima builds what is lost Image

Rima builds what is lost

Rima is one of our regular volunteers. She helps with recruitment every Thursday morning at azc Joseph Haydnlaan. She lives with her family in the emergency shelter Star Lodge Hotels. Also there, she actively participates in a lot of activities from Welkom in Utrecht. What Welkom in Utrecht means to…

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