The foundation Welkom in Utrecht brings together the refugees that live in Utrecht with citizens who have already lived in the Utrecht area for a longer time. Activities are offered for, by, and with refugees. There are activities related to sports, language and culture. In addition, there are activities such as cooking together, walking and doing tasks together.

Welkom in Utrecht helps refugees to build their own network, which contributes to their independent life. Real and personal contact with refugees is also important for the residents of Utrecht. It brings understanding and tolerance towards this new group of fellow citizens.

Do you want to help as a resident in Utrecht?
Ideas for activities for or with refugees? Register your activities here: Meld hier je activiteit aan

Do you want to join an initiative?
Check out the existing initiatives and send an email to info@welkominutrecht.nu

Welkom in Utrecht determines if the activities can be useful and acknowledges the refugees about the activities. This is for both the residents of Asylum Seeker Center (AZC) and for people who already have a house in Utrecht.

Do you want to volunteer?
We are continuously looking for volunteers for various activities. Such as:
- Becoming a (language)buddy, a guid-buddy or buddy(family)
- Helping to move out
- Or helping with other activities, like the womens-evening in the azc or the Childrens-club.

Would you like to know more? Check out the page “What can you do?” or send an email to info@welkominutrecht.nu

Do you want to donate money?
You can donate to Stichting Welkom in Utrecht,
Bank account number: NL50 TRIO 0391 1807 38.