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Lunch at people’s homes of the Remonstrant Church

Lunch at people’s homes of the Remonstrant Church

How beautiful and valuable it is to get to know each other and make contact!

️For the third time in a row we organized a lunch at people’s homes with the Remonstrant Church of Utrecht. People from the church could sign up and were matched by us with residents from the AZC on Joseph Haydnlaan.

So, two young women with their little babies visited Jet’s family with her husband and 10-month-old son. They enjoyed a delicious lunch together but especially the warm contact with Jet and her family, who received the women lovingly at their home and spent a pleasant afternoon together.

“It was the greatest day since we arrived in Utrecht camp!”

“We were a bit nervous, but we soon realized how much this small gesture of ours meant to these women.”

82-year-old Hansje also welcomed a young man from Yemen with her son. They had great conversations about cultural differences, about cooking, about working in The Netherlands, about hobbies, everything was discussed!

It was a special afternoon for all the participants. And, Hansje is now going to look for a girlfriend for our young man from Yemen.

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