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Climbing the Dom Tower on World Refugee Day

Climbing the Dom Tower on World Refugee Day

“I feel as free as a bird when I look up into the sky here. What a beautiful view!”

On June 20, World Refugee Day, 40 refugees through Welkom in Utrecht stood atop the Dom Tower.

People from Yemen, Eritrea, Ukraine, Syria, Somalia, Turkey and Iraq climbed the 465 steps at the invitation of the Dom Tower.

Fortunately, there were several stops along the way to rest. Guide Mick then explained the history of the tower. Once at the top, everyone was rewarded with a beautiful view. Even Amsterdam could be seen!

“It was very nice and I really enjoyed it. It’s good that there are breaks while climbing the tower.”

“I liked everything very much! It was very interesting to listen to the guide and learn the history of this tower. It was also very interesting to see the city from such a height!”

“It was a beautiful day. We laughed a lot. That’s important for us.”