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“This is the best year of my life.”

We know Orrwa as one of the most active AZC residents around AZC Joseph Haydnlaan. Since he came to live in the AZC around this time last year, he has been going to almost all activities of Welkom in Utrecht. But as it turns out, he is not only active for Welkom in Utrecht, but also for many other organizations within Plan Einstein. We found this out by interviewing him for Plan Einstein’s newsletter. Read the whole interview below.

Having only just arrived in Utrecht, Orrwa very quickly felt at home. Orrwa is 28 years old and comes from Damascus, Syria. He currently lives in azc Joseph Haydnlaan. What made him feel at home so quickly? That’s the people of Utrecht: ‘The people here are so warm, and willing to learn from different backgrounds.’

Currently, Orrwa is doing an internship at The Front Room, his second home. Through the recruitment moment at the asylum center on Thursdays, he ended up at a documentary course. That’s how he got there for the first time and it felt right away. What he saw there was that everyone treats each other and each other’s boundaries with respect, which was incredibly instructive.

De Voorkamer is not the first Utrecht organization Orrwa has been involved with. Shortly after his arrival, he immediately came into contact with the Utrecht branch of international organization SPEAK. He has also volunteered with Welkom in Utrecht, is active for Mijn Wijk Jouw Wijk and Utrecht Sport. His greatest quality, socializing, plays a big role in this. Orrwa talks to everyone and everything and makes contact easily. This makes him a welcome person at and around the AZC.

Orrwa’s face really brightens when he starts talking about the many friendships he has made. Since living in Utrecht, he has really learned what ‘the meaning of friendship’ is. In Utrecht, he has made friends for life. This makes the past year in Utrecht ‘the best time of my life’!