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Thanks to Incluusion, refugees can take computer classes

Thanks to Incluusion, refugees can take computer classes

Every week Chiara Peroni gives computer lessons in the attic of Plan Einstein from her work for Incluusion (of Utrecht University). Some participants have never worked with a computer before. Others want tips on how to make a resume.

Chiara explains that her classes have no clear structure because very diverse people with different skills are mixed together. Some have never worked with a computer before. She then helps them set up an e-mail address, for example.

Usually, it’s about basic skills. Often it also involves specific questions. For example, she helps her students create a CV, a LinkedIn account and apply for a DigiD. Especially in the Netherlands, where computer technology is widely used by governments and educational institutions, it is very important to be able to deal with it.

Participating in society
Chiara also has experience of this herself. She comes from Italy, where the government has done far fewer things digitally. Digital knowledge was therefore also very important for her to be able to manage in the Netherlands. ‘It is important to be able to participate in a digitalized society, otherwise, you quickly feel left out.’ Participant Ahmed Guira agrees: ‘Her classes have given me a tremendous amount of knowledge and skills from emailing my lawyer and COA to Google Maps and knowledge of electronic devices. I’ve become a lot more independent because of the computer classes.

The computer classes also help Ahmed outside the asylum center and his procedure. Every Thursday afternoon, he volunteers at Emmaus, a chain of thrift stores. He checks whether the electronic devices brought in still work and, if not, how they can possibly be repaired. Ultimately, he also determines the selling price of the item. Ahmed’s dream is to be able to repair computers. He is well on his way.

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