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Plan Einstein Pahud has started!

Plan Einstein Pahud has started!

Plan Einstein Pahud has started! And the Living Room next to the asylum centre is already being put to good use. Here you can see how azc residents prepared a delicious lunch, made possible in part by our new employee Alaa. “I like to make everyone feel good,” she declared beaming. People who happened to be in the neighbourhood slid in. Our super-zealous intern Sara loved the food: ‘I’ll never eat a cheese sandwich again.’ And a Syrian young man who had just newly arrived to take up residence in the asylum centre (his bags weren’t even unpacked yet) joined us. Enthusiastically, he explained what was on the table to the people for whom this was new.

In addition to the 300 azc residents, 30 young people from Utrecht live on the same premises. Every week a group will cook with the azc residents in the same living room. Language buddies are also already using the space and we are sure: this is just the beginning!

The Living Room is open daily Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m.-4 p.m.. Starting in March also on Fridays. Courses at Plan Einstein Pahud, such as English classes, will also begin in March.

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