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‘I will definitely come more often!’

‘Unbelievable this! Where did all these women come from?’ our Fatima wondered in amazement.

Last Thursday evening, around sixty women from all over the world, had come to Plan Einstein Pahud’s living room to a party someone from the asylum center had organized. From Iran, Morocco, Afghanistan, Russia, Somalia, and so on. From the neighborhood and from different centers. They created a dance floor by forming a large circle and they danced. To Arabic music, Latin American sounds, and more. Dancing makes you hungry, so they ate in between and afterward from the food they brought themselves.

‘This is my first time participating in anything here,’ said one Nicaraguan excitedly. ‘I’m definitely going to come more often!’

This was the second Thursday night in a row that a special women’s night was hosted at The Living Room of Plan Einstein Pahud. Hopefully, many more will follow!