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Henna workshop with Fatima

What a pleasure it is to work with beautiful people like Fatima Oulad Thami of Hand of Fatima!

It started with an evening at the asylum center where she came to give the women beautiful henna decorations on their hands. From that, she gave the women three amazing workshops on henna application on canvas. Truly beautiful works of art were created and the women were so proud that they were then displayed at SOUK at RAUM on Berlijnplein on May 20.

There they had the chance to get another henna decoration on their hand and tasty snacks and new contacts were made. A round of Dabke completed the party. A lady from Yemen went home with a beautiful coffee pot and they all felt welcome and especially at home on this square in a new housing estate in our city where the atmosphere was so good that she didn’t want to leave!!! Other residents from the asylum seekers’ center and status holders also stopped by the SOUK to party and have fun together.

Fatima is also coming again to apply henna at our dance night Yallah Sabaya on June 16 in BAK Utrecht. We are looking forward to it!