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Going to the Unity Cup at the KNVB Campus

Going to the Unity Cup at the KNVB Campus

“Guys thanks for the hospitality, it really shows the true meaning of our team name One Family… thanks so much guys!”

The mixed soccer team from sv DVSU and refugees from all over Utrecht competed together for qualification for the Unity Cup, a European soccer tournament with newcomers organized by the KNVB and others.

Under the name “One Family,” the now-friendly team, unfortunately, did not qualify, but they still had a great day! Being allowed to walk around the KNVB campus was already quite an experience. There was fanatical soccer, you could get free French fries, official team photos were taken and they were addressed by famous soccer players such as former professional soccer player René van Rijswijk and Afghan Farkhunda Muhtaj. Everyone brought snacks and so we had a nice picnic in the sun between games.

Our star players felt like the real pros for a day!

“Thanks for all your support, you really did a lot and contribute to our integration in the city of Utrecht we were almost to be part of oranje team.”

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