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A delicious lunch in the vegetable garden

🌞🌿A lovely summer day, tasty snacks and a beautiful blooming vegetable garden, what more could you want?

Three times this summer, we were invited to a delicious and cosy lunch in Common Ground Two Utrecht’s vegetable garden at Stadstuin Kanaalweg.

The garden is lovingly run by the wonderful Renée Menger and a team of volunteers with or without refugee backgrounds, everyone is welcome!

The beautiful surroundings and working in the garden makes people happy and they forget for a moment their stress as they are busy harvesting the most beautiful courgettes and pumpkins and not their procedure.

Even status holders who now live somewhere in the city remain loyal participants and so there is a nice mixed team that supports each other through thick and thin.

Thank you Renée and all the people there for this beautiful place! ❤🍀