Hani and Henk are buddies

In July 2018, Hanibal indicates that he wants a (language) buddy. Around the same time, Henk also contacts Welkom in Utrecht. He, in turn, wants to be a (language) buddy. Both are in their fifties and both have a family. The difference is that Hanibal comes from Syria and Henk…

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‘The beauty of it is that we learn from each other’

Maram (25) and Judith (44) both live in Zeist. At the beginning of November 2018, they were matched through Welkom in Utrecht. It clicked and since then they see each other regularly. To talk Dutch, but to do so much more. ‘Sometimes we shop, sometimes we walk the dog in…

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Lhomme and Leonie are like brother and sister

Leonie van Bruggen (29) is close friends with Lhomme (19) from Guinea. The contact started about one and a half years ago when Leonie became a volunteer at a language café of Welkom in Utrecht. She was paired with Lhomme, but there was a lockdown almost immediately, and the language…

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