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Volunteers in the spotlight!

Volunteers in the spotlight!

The end of the year is once again in sight, about time to put our heroes of volunteers in the spotlight!

1. Wilco has been a volunteer at Welkom in Utrecht for years. He often helps people move his DJ van!
2. Nicole is our superstar volunteer, she helps every week with our promotions, has several language buddies and also coordinates two of our language cafes. Super!
3. Harriet massaged the residents of the azc for weeks. Smiles and relaxed muscles guaranteed.
4. Our super translator Rima has always helped us with her contagious smile during the promotion of our activities!
5. The English Florence and Argentinian Lara are our yoga ladies and give a wonderful yoga class for women in the azc every Tuesday. Exercise and then relax, so nice!
6. Jos and Biniyam are great buddies. Jos helps him with Dutch and so much more. Jos is really there for him!
7. Atieh is the coordinator of the children’s club at the azc. Under her inspiring leadership, fun activities are organized every week for the children in the azc (already since 2017!).
8. Marc is our U-pas man. For years he has made sure that all azc residents can apply for a U-pas. But he does much more! He helps refugees to volunteer, or he walks with someone to an activity if needed.
9. Our dear Kasia is ready every Wednesday evening again to be creative with the women in the azc!!!

Thank you dear superstars for all your efforts this year!

Would you also like to volunteer for Welkom in Utrecht and join this star team? Mail us at info@welkominutrecht.nu