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Ukrainians to concerts

Ukrainians to concerts

A group of refugees, especially Ukrainians, love classical music, opera and ballet. So how wonderful it is that we regularly receive free tickets to wonderful concerts by ensembles, orchestras, choirs and dance groups!

Around Christmas, refugees could put aside their worries for a moment and enjoy Christmas carols from Flanders, sung on December 22 by Camarata Trajectina in the Stadsklooster Utrecht. ‘It was very nice to hear the Old Flemish Christmas carols,’ said Ukrainian Natalya who is staying on the Boat Formidable. ‘If they wore traditional costumes, it would be the real world of the 16th century.’

Twenty people were also able to attend several concerts of the International Chamber Music Festival Utrecht. Four Ukrainians, for example, enjoyed Schoenberg’s Verklärte Nacht. ‘It was magical,’ wrote Viktoria, who went with her son. And Olga (living with a host family), who went to the same concert with a friend, later wrote: ‘We got into a nice mood, relaxing and energy power.’ (see photo 2 and 3)

Unforgettable was also the offer of Dutch Mirjam. She was suddenly unable to go to Sir Peter Wright’s The Sleeping Beauty, danced by the Dutch National Ballet at the National Opera & Ballet in Amsterdam. Oksana and her daughter, crazy about ballet and dancing, had been dreaming of a ballet performance in Amsterdam for years. So they were overjoyed to be able to attend. Miriam’s reaction to these photos: ‘Ah how super super nice. Thanks for the quick arrangement too.’ You’re welcome! (see photo 1)

On to more beautiful things in 2023! ❤