Together on the ice

‘It was a pity that I wasn’t able to communicate easily with the father because of his little knowledge of Dutch, but to see his sons skating, was awesome,’ said one of the parents of a Primary School De Kleine Dichter student who joined the ice-skating event on the Vechtse Banen on the 3rd and 5th of January. On said days, about ninety refugee children and their parents, some of whom live in the asylum seekers’ center and some independently gave ice-skating a try. For most of them, it was a first. However, there were some natural among them. Others fell down at every turn, but got back up on their feet again with a huge smile. As one of the children said: ‘Skating is difficult, but very nice.’ Twelve volunteers from Welkom in Utrecht helped. From OBS De Kleine Dichter twelve families went along. Children helped children, young people skated with young people, and parents were introduced to parents. ‘A few days later we already were invited to have dinner with a family in the asylum seekers’ center,’ said one of the Dutch parents.

This skating event was the first activity that was funded by last May’s charity run with children from the De Kleine Dichter. Welkom in Utrecht will provide futher activities during the often boring school holidays. On behalf of the refugees: thanks to the children of De Kleine Dichter !!