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Locations AZC Utrecht
There are two AZC locations: Joseph Haydn Avenue 2A and  2B. The old military hospital at the Joseph Haydn Avenue 2A is a regular AZC and has been around for nearly twenty years. This building houses up to 450 inhabitants; men, women and children. There is also a group of forty underage young people who came without their parents.  Recently, the asylum seekers' center has been further enhanced with the 'Guesthouse' at Joseph Haydnlaan 2B (accommodating up to 150 inhabitants). This building has a private reception and a clothing distribution point.

One can find much information about asylum seekers in Utrecht on the city hall website.


Asylum seekers and refugees
On the UNCHR website you can find – in Dutch - a lot of definitions and terms used in relation to refugees. In practice, these words are often used interchangeably. We use the term refugee to refer to asylum seekers.

Permit holders
After a refugee receives a permit to stay – a so called status - they are also referred to as permit holders. Furthermore, permit holders receive a house from the municipality. In the meantime, most refugees stay in an asylum seekers’ centre. See also the site of the central government on housing refugees with a permit.

Asylum procedure
Information about the asylum procedure can be found on the websites of the central government or the Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland among others. Furthermore the Centraal Orgaan opvang Asielzoekers (COA) gives information on the asylum procedure as well. Click here for the COA webpage.

Information about the housing procedure again can be found on the COA website and government websites.

Countries of origin
Most current residents of the asylum seekers' centers come from Syria, Eritrea, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan.

Most people who live in the asylum seekers' centre have an Islamic background, coming from Syria, Iraq and Iran. Though, there are also people from these countries who adhere to the Christian faith, such as the usually Orthodox Christian Eritreans.