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Summer getaways to the Dutch Open Air Museum

Summer getaways to the Dutch Open Air Museum

“Look, my grandmother used those too. I remember that!” Ukrainian Natalia told this enthusiastically during a tour of a house where she saw a coal-fired iron.

What a wonderful getaways we’ve had this summer with residents of azc’s Pahud, Joseph Haydnlaan, Star Lodge, and with Ukrainians living in various locations in the city. We went out with the always good-humored driver Jan from Jan van Dijk Tours to the Dutch Open Air Museum in Arnhem.

We took a tram ride, admired the mills, and visited the houses with the atmosphere and furnishings of Holland of long ago. We saw a 1950s hospital, how a blacksmith forged the iron, weavers wove their tea towels. Many people recognized things they have in their own country as well. The trekschuit and the old Dutch games were a hit with the children!

Thanks for the donations that made these getaways possible! ❤

Photo by Abdullah (@_yazn99)

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