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In early September 2015 many people took action to do something for the large group of refugees that came to our country. We started the facebook page of elkom In Utrecht, where such ideas and initiatives from Utrecht can get a podium and initiators could find each other. Directly after the opening of the emergency shelter in De Jaarbeurs, in the same month Welkom In Utrecht grew into a platform for everyone who wanted to develop activities for and with refugees in Utrecht. The municipal project management office supported this. Another important party was Uvoorvluchtelingen.nl, a website that it’s purpose is to strengthen the involvement of Utrecht residents with refugees.

Dozens of organizations and hundreds of involved citizens organized activities in the fields of art and culture, sports, language and small meet ups. First, for the residents of the shelter in De Jaarbeurs and then, until May 2016, for the residents of a new emergency shelter on Amerikalaan (Kanaleneiland). This became facilitated and coordinated by Welkom in Utrecht.
We then did the same thing for the residents of the temporary asylum seeker center on the Ravellaan and later on the Einsteindreef where we worked together with the partners of Plan Einstein. Now we are particularly committed to the residents of the permanent AZC location on Joseph Haydnlaan. In the activities we also regularly include the Status holders who live independently in Utrecht city and surroundings.

Our big thanks goes to everyone who made Welkom in Utrecht work so well in the initial, exciting and the most important phase. There are hundreds – maybe more.
Various initiatives who were set up in this first period, still exist and function independently. Some examples are the network New Neighbours and Naaiatelier van
Hagar tot Ruth.

Since July 2016, Welkom in Utrecht is a foundation. And even though we needed to formalize a few things in order to continue, our motto is still the same as in the early days: in principle everything is possible as long as it is safe, connects to what refugees need and makes them feel at home in Utrecht. That is why we still have our flexible working method.


The team of Welkom in Utrecht Foundation consists of Rebecca de Kuijer, Frank van Soest, Hellen Kooijman, Fatima El Kaddouri and Eline Bosch.


We work together with quite a few volunteers, incidental, regularly but also on a regular basis. At this time our regular volunteers are Marc Speijers, Deewa Dawi, Kasia Karolak, Benyam Goush Alema, Yasser Nassar, Atieh Mousavi, Shadi Maalouf and Maha Jaafar.

The Board

The board of the foundation is formed by: Katinka Jesse (secretaris), Oscar Bremer (the treasurer), Sofie Croonenburg and Madeleine Pannekoek (the chairman). The board performs its duties without any pay and does not receive any travel allowance.


There are currently no paid vacancies at Welkom in Utrecht.
Do you want to dedicate yourself (unpaid) to our group? Please contact us! You can see the examples of the possibilities here, but there are more ways of becoming involved.

ANBI and general information

The foundation Welkom In Utrecht has been designated by the tax authority as a Public Benefit Organization (ANBI).
The foundation Welkom in Utrecht complies with the Governance code for welfare and social services. The foundation has a supervisory board. Employees of the foundation Welkom in Utrecht are rewarded in accordance with the Collective Labor Agreement for Social Welfare and Social Services. The board performs its duties completely unpaid..

Click here for the Policy Plan 2017-2020. Here among other things, are Welkom in Utrecht’s objective, mission and vision.  You can find information about our
activities and financial financial statements here:

Annual report 2016
Annual report 2017
Annual report 2018
Annual report 2019
Annual report 2020
Annual report 2021
Financial statement 2016
Financial statement 2017
Financial statement 2018
Financial statement 2019
Financial statement 2020
Financial statement 2021

Look here for the privacy statement of Welkom in Utrecht.


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    General contact

    Rebecca de Kuijer
    06 51691478

    Fatima El Kaddouri
    06 23222837

    Hellen Kooijman
    06 51192316

    Frank van Soest
    06 10803167

    Eline Bosch
    06 51698363

    Office and visiting address
    Joseph Haydnlaan 2A
    3533 AE Utrecht

    Mailing address
    Stichting Welkom in Utrecht
    Bilderdijkstraat 26
    3532VG Utrecht

    Nummer van Kamer van Koophandel: 66219655.

    Fiscaal nummer (RSIN): 856448394.

    Bankrekeningnummer: NL50 TRIO 0391 1807 38.