“Ze kunnen hier zo lekker koken”

Every third Tuesday of the month, you can cook together with women from the azc and college students from Ichthuis at the Wilde Westen in Utrecht. Which means it’s possible you’ll  eat Somalian pancakes for dinner, but also a salad with brie cheese and a gingerbread dessert, all in the same evening!
One at a time the women enter the Wilde Westen, a cultural centre located next to the Oog in Al park. Coordinator Ankie is sitting at the table, folding clean laundry consisting of dishcloths. “Anyone want tea?” college students Kimberley and Ellinoire place the tea box on the table. Mother and daughter Aliya and Mariam, both from Iraq, are first to arrive. They came prepared: “we already baked a cake at home”, says Mariam. Every third Tuesday of the month people cook a lot of food in the community centre, and of course, they eat it too. This all is done by women from the azc and students from the Christian student association Ichthuis. This time is Fenneke’s first time attending one of these evenings. She’s a volunteer for Welkom in Utrecht. “I have no clue what’s going to happen”, she laughs. According to Ichthuis-student Kimberley “all of the food is tasty, always”. Although, she does have a favorite dish. “Rice with vegetables, which you flip around in a pan.” “Makloubeh!” Aliya calls it.