Learning Dutch form refugees

Jane Butler is from Dublin, Ireland. She came to Utrecht in 2017 to study and after finishing she found work in Utrecht. In the meantime, she says herself, she has fallen in love ‘with this nice city’. And she is very happy that she is “part of the community of Utrecht residents who welcome refugees.” Jane has been involved with Welcome to Utrecht for years, indirectly and in very diverse ways, but always with an impact for refugees. She met a Syrian boy at an open Iftar, organized bij Welkom in Utrecht in Plan Einstein. They went along very well and she decided to gave him violin lessons, which he so much wanted. They still see from time to time. Jane gave conversational English lessons to an Eritrean refugee, who wanted to improve his speaking skills for his upcoming Cambridge English exam. She did the same to a Turkish asylum seeker. Furthermore, she helped an Afghan teenager with her omework English and helped Welkom in Utrecht by correcting English texts on our website. English is Jane’s mother tongue and she likes to help refugees who want to learn it. But, she says, I notice that I am learning Dutch less quickly tehn they do. “They are often much more motivated than I am and if we practice Dutch together, I can really learn a lot from them.”

And oh yes, she donated her old bicycle to us, so that we again have a loan bicycle for asylum seekers who want to bike to an activity, but do not (yet) have a bicycle available.

We are very happy with people like Jane, they make Utrecht more colorful and are soooo valuable. We love it!