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An end to nail polishing at Star Lodge

An end to nail polishing at Star Lodge

Sob, sob … On Wednesday, Feb. 22, volunteer Eline Hoogstra’s “nail painting” came to an end. For about a year she made girls and women in the shelter Star Lodge on Biltse Straatweg happy every Wednesday with her enthusiasm and the result: nails in orange, red, purple, blue or black, with glitter, stripes or gel. The girls were so proud of their nails that they showed them to their teacher at school the next day. Who then also came to see for herself how such a nail-polish session was done.

Eline started when there was still no activity room in Star Lodge and the nail polishing had to take place in the dining room, not infrequently still among dirty coffee cups and unremoved pieces of cucumber on the floor. Nevertheless, nail painting was immensely popular, not only with young girls but also with their mothers. Eline was a volunteer who always persisted and never lost her enthusiasm, even if a few nail polish pots had indistinctly disappeared or a father came by somewhat angrily because his five-year-old daughter had smeared herself with – yes indeed nail polish – out of Eline’s sight. Help.

Eline is quitting because she no longer has the time. With pain in her heart, she told us. Because oh, how she will miss the girls. And vice versa. Thank you Eline ❤

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