Welkom in Utrecht brings refugees living in Utrecht in contact with people from the region and visa versa. Activities are offered by, for and with refugees. Together with local Utrechters, refugees practice language, sports, cooking or meetup for casual social events.

We help refugees to build the support networks necessary for independent living. Concurrently, we provide local utrechters with important personal contact with refugees, fostering tolerance and understanding. Out of these contacts new friendships emerge.

Do you have ideas for activities for refugees? Or do you want to join an initiative? Check out the existing initiatives, or send an email to info@welkominutrecht.nu. Welkom in Utrecht can help develop your idea and promote it among different groups of refugees.




    Location Einsteindreef


    In Overvecht the residence for asylum seekers is coming together at Einsteindreef 101-139. The building will be partly finished in late February with accommodation finished in May. COA expects the first 30 to 40 asylum seekers to arrive at the end of February. The first group will consist of adults only. From May onwards, there will be up to 400 asylum seekers in the Einsteindreef, consisting of families and solitary men and women.



    Plan Einstein

    In Overvecht, a neighbourhood of Utrecht, a new temporary emergency shelter for refugees is in construction on the Einsteindreef. This shelter is expected to open its doors in January 2017. The shelter is part of Plan Einstein, an ambitious pilot program involving many organizations initiated by Utrecht municipality. Plan Einstein’s mission is to begin refugee integration into Dutch society from day one.



    New office

    Welcome to Utrecht has its own office! The address is Ravellaan 96, Utrecht. It is situated between AZC Joseph Haydn Avenue and AZC Ravellaan in. You’ re welcome!